• Arrive 10 to 15 minutes AHEAD of your scheduled class time. This will allow you and your dog time to use the “restroom”.
  • Please drive slowly up the driveway for the safety of livestock, dogs, and children. This also helps to maintain the gravel drive and avoids repairs.
  • If the weather gets too messy we will notify you of any cancellations or delays
    All dogs must be current on all of their vaccinations.
  • A current waiver must be on file.
Each handler is expected to be responsible for any damage done to livestock and/or fences that may occur when their dog is on the field. This can vary from medical expenses to replacement of the animal, or repair of the fence/obstacle.

By using our facility, you agree to these rules!

  1. Treat this property as if it was yours.
    1. Report damage (or fix it yourself)
    2. Leave no trace: dog poo, broken toys, dog hair
    3. Leave gates as you found them
  2. Dog management is important!
    1. Do not leave your dogs unattended on fields
    2. No fence running/fighting
    3. Respect the livestock – no chasing or harassing – this goes for people, too!
    4. Dogs on leash outside of gated fields
    5. Keep barking to a minimum
    6. No urination on anything man made (obstacles, fence posts, privacy screens, etc)
    7. Dogs should be under control in the agility field at all times – crate, tie, or train
    8. Keep barking to a minimum 

If there’s anything you want or need, let us know! We always appreciate help, too! 

This is our home, and we want it to be yours, too. If we catch you violating rules, you will be subject to a $5 fine per incidence or not welcomed back.