Temporarily on hold! The pandemic has hit us and we haven’t found time to make this work yet – get on our email list to be notified of updates!

We are at the field Fridays 9-12, and weekdays by special appointment. You must EMAIL me to book an appointment. Email to confirm lessons after rain.  Be sure to print and fill out your waiver!

Do you have a herding breed or herding mix? Are you ready to embark on adventure to truly discover what makes your dog tick?

We offer instinct testing, field rental for experienced handlers, coaching sessions, and clinics for a donation.

About working your dog:

We emphasize stock handling skills and reading your dog prior to taking lessons. Once you are committed to lessons, they may range anywhere between 5-30 minutes, depending on what the dog needs on that particular day.  The human part of the team should plan on watching other students because herding technique is much easier to see when watching others work. Discussion is always encouraged. 

We train according to the dog’s needs – and then the handler’s. It is so easy to get locked into trying to obediencing your dog – our emphasis is on unlocking the natural talent your dog has – both teaching him or her, and you, along the way.

Dress appropriately, with the expectation that you and your dog will get dirty and be running a fair bit on uneven, even holey terrain.

What to expect:

Your first visit will include an initial evaluation of your dog’s instinct and skill level. Evaluator will be honest with you about potential and things to look for. If your dog appears to not have interest or instinct, or is vicious or inappropriate, we will not allow you back as we do not wish to harm our stock or waste your time.

You are invited to stay and watch other students to learn by watching and listening in on their sessions. Herding by its nature is not structured like other dog training/sports. It is very individually based on you and your dog – success comes from showing up regularly and watching others. We will do clinics when we have enough interest, but largely this is 1n1 work.

We have sheep, goats, and ducks available for all levels.

Booking a session:

All uses need to be cleared through stockdog manager Kristin. 

Dogs must be a herding breed to participate. We will not put your dog on stock if the coach deems your dog too unsafe for the handler or the stock.

$20 donation- Sheep/field rental for pre-approved individuals – you will need to demonstrate sheep handling experience and control of your dog. 
$30 donation – Coaching sessions – we are new to lessons. This is a place to have fun and learn together – we are happy to recommend other trainers to you with more experience!